The Esperanza truck is a mobile veterinary wellness clinic created to bring bilingual access to low-cost veterinary care to animals in low-income communities.

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Our Services

We provide clinics in the heart of the communities that need us the most. Our services for dogs and cats include; core vaccinations, deworming, flea and tick control, microchipping and ID tags.

Why We Exist

To provide access to care to animals who otherwise do not typically receive that care due to socioeconomic and language barriers. We believe all animals deserve a chance at the care they need to thrive.

Can I use your clinic? Who do you serve?

Our services are exclusively for low-income families that would otherwise not be able to afford basic veterinary care for their animals. If you are not low-income and in need of subsidized care for your dog or cat, please seek out care through another veterinary provider.

Our Partners

We proudly partner with other animal welfare agencies in our community, who typically serve as a resource to help get our client animals spayed and neutered. Our partners include; Sonoma Humane Society, Sonoma County Animal Services, Pets Lifeline, Napa Humane

Clinic Schedule

Sunday November 13th 2016 8 am to 1 pm - 777 Sebastopol Rd, Santa Rosa

Donate & Volunteer

Our clinics are run by nearly 100% volunteer labor. Sign up here to join our volunteer team or please consider making a donation.

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